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A film of 100 Hands being installed

I am glad that there is a filmed record of me installing the hands at the church just as they were getting ready to open the church up for private prayer. It felt that this was an important moment for the church community being allowed to enter after the many weeks of Lockdown – and a privilege to be allowed to take part.

100 Hands Film


Pandemic photo slide show

During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic I used my hourly walk to explore the streets and countryside where I lived. Skelmersdale is a Modernist New Town and the 1960’s architecture looked stark and powerful in these quiet hours adding to a sense of quarantine isolation. I sometimes took a few ceramic hands with me to photograph against the urban and rural backdrops. The countryside is very beautiful and I start with this image of the wood by my house as I begin my slide show journey around Skelmersdale.
CERAMIC Transmission 100 Hands starts with a photographic journey around Skelmersdale from lovely countryside pockmarked with old mine workings to quiet housing estates, closed shops, neglected Modernist sculpture and Kentucky Fried Chicken quarantine apology signs. The final work will be installed and filmed outside the local Catholic church and the film will be intercut with interviews with family and immediate neighbours about their experience of Lockdown.