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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues galleries are showing interest in exhibiting Ceramic Transmission and Quarantine Boxes. These include: Art Athens Open in Athens where I am exhibiting my Quarantine Boxes digitally. Unus Multorum, Plas Bodfa, North Wales where I have been showing OUTBREAK Draughts and contributing to Facebook seminars. Secret Art of Lockdown digital exhibition…

A film of 100 Hands being installed

I am glad that there is a filmed record of me installing the hands at the church just as they were getting ready to open the church up for private prayer. It felt that this was an important moment for the church community being allowed to enter after the many weeks of Lockdown – and…

Sculpting a hand and then 99 more

With the somewhat daunting task ahead of making 100 hand I had to rationalise the process. The first YouTube video shows how I make the hand from a lump of clay and the second shows me refining the sculpture. I chose to make hands because they have been used by artists for centuries as evocative…

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